Personal Computer System Information

product Specifications

Personal Computer System Information is a simple tool for those who want to gather the most important information about their personal computer. Personal Computer System Information displays important information such as the CPU Speed, MAC Address, Ports, Memory (RAM), Disk Space, Video Card, Windows version, and applications installed. You can then save this information and import it into other applications such as an Excel spreadsheet.

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Development Language & Tools: Visual Basic .Net, Visual Studio 2019
Database: Encrypted Data Files
Operating Systems Supported: Windows 10 / XP / Vista
Special Requirements: Microsoft .Net Framework 4.8

Features include

Displays the Following Application Information:

Applications Installed (similar to what is displayed in Windows Control Panel)

The version of Adobe Acrobat Reader Installed

The version of .NET Framework Installed

The version of Internet Explorer Installed

Displays the Following System Information:

User Name

Machine Name

TCP / IP Address

Domain Name

Using DHCP (True/False)

MAC Address

Operating System Name

Operating System Version

Operating System Service Pack

Printers and Faxes

Hardware Devices



Hard Drive - Total Space

Hard Drive - Space Free

Screen Resolution

Saves the Application and System Information:

Option to Save all application information to a text file delimited by ~

Option to save all system information to a text file delimited by ~

Ability to select a single folder, and enter the name of the text file where each of the above should be saved

Screen Shots of application:

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