Website Design and Programming

If you're marketing a product or service and you are NOT advertising where your competition is, you'll find yourself left behind very suddenly. Many people consult the internet instead of the yellow pages to look for services and products. If your presence is lacking online, your business will sink to the bottom of the competition.

Building a website can be confusing for some people, but Ignyte Software likes to keep things simple. We will provide a user-friendly, customized, dynamic website that will not only grow alongside your business but also withstand the rapid growth of technology. Ignyte Software will utilize the most innovative technologies to deliver a smart and simple solution for your exclusive web needs.

Ignyte Software specializes in providing fast and reliable web design and hosting solutions for individuals, large or small companies, and non-profit organizations. With our primary focus on service and reliability, Ignyte Software utilizes only the latest in technology for your web site. After a free consultation, we will get right to work designing your site, using all of the latest technologies available for the web. Once the design is completed and you have approved it, Ignyte Software will get your site up and running on the Internet. Furthermore, we can assist you in promoting your site on major search engines to ensure that it is visible when people look for your type of business online.
Before we start working on your site, we encourage you to find several Web sites that you like and dislike; learning your preferences will help us in the

design process. We will work with you as we create your Web site to make sure that it meets your needs. We accomplish this by designing your Web site in a temporary, private location for you to view our work, which enables you to make suggestions and changes every step of the way. We make your site available to the public only after all of your changes have been completed.

The Importance of a Quality Website

More than a pictorial or informational display about your business, a meaningful website is one of the major contributing factors to the success of your company. In addition to giving your business added credibility and visibility, a professionally designed and dynamic website can have a dramatic effect on the growth of your company. Customers who choose Ignyte Software's web development services understand that their website is an extension of their brand and appreciate the importance of quality design, usability/accessibility, enhanced features and multi-faceted applications. They know that their website is oftentimes the first impression their brand or business makes on a prospective customers and ultimately what converts those prospects into repeat customers.

Our Web Development Process

Ignyte Software has created an efficient four-step process that helps us ensure your expectations are met. In overview, the discovery phase is where we delve into your strategy and define exactly what it is that you want. The design phase is where you scream, “that’s it!” and leads us to the actual development phase where your vision begins to take shape as a tangible reality. Upon your approval of the completed work, our delivery phase involves making sure your new site has a smooth launch out to the Internet.

Throughout the process, there is a lot of detailing, organizing, communicating, approving and confirming. Here is a brief description of what to expect during each phase.

Asking questions, we probe into your strategy and define your vision and wish list. This collective communication between you and our team produces documents that become a ‘blueprint’ for guiding your overall project. We then use best practices gleaned from building numerous other sites to suggest possible enhancements and solutions. Because each of your assigned team of programmers, artists and coordinators is intricately involved in outlining the specific steps of development, we are able to eliminate errors and reduce overall costs of building your site.

Next, we begin to lay the groundwork for designing both the external and internal properties of your site. Your help in gathering resources such as logos, collateral, materials and database data is an integral part of this phase. While artists begin to develop your new look and programmers begin to formulate the inner workings of functionality, they interact with ongoing communication to unify design elements and proactively address issues of compatibility, feasibility and scalability. You are kept abreast of our progress via emailed links to our development server that allows you to review our work and provide feedback.

Graphic artists start taking your content and the approved user interface resulting from the design phase and begin building out the ‘front-end’ components of your site. Programmers use the approved software specification to fully develop the ‘back-end’ functionality of your application. Working closely with you, our project coordinator manages the flow of information and materials between all of the participants. As a result of careful planning in discovery and design, cost and time-savings are realized at the completion of this phase.

Your new site has been developed, tested and is ready to be introduced to the Internet. To ensure the delivery is smooth and reliable, we provide help or guidance you may need to ‘go live.’ We can also supply ongoing site maintenance or provide training to allow administration by your staff. As your business grows and changes, Ignyte Software is here to help add continued value to your site with the latest technologies in web development.

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