Web services

A Web service is a method of making various applications communicate with each other automatically over the Internet. The goal is to streamline business processes by allowing software applications to be delivered over the Internet and run across all kinds of computers, from large servers to handheld devices.

Web services, usually including some combination of programming and data, are made available from a business's Web server for Web users or other Web-connected programs. Providers of Web services are generally known as application service providers. Web services range from such major services as storage management and customer relationship management (CRM) down to much more limited services such as the furnishing of a stock quote and the checking of bids for an auction item. The accelerating creation and availability of these services is a major Web trend.
Users can access some Web services through a peer-to-peer arrangement rather than by going to a central server. Some services can communicate with other services and this exchange of procedures and data is generally enabled by a class of software known as middleware. Services previously possible only with the older standardized service known as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) increasingly are likely to become Web services. Besides the standardization and wide availability to users and businesses of the Internet itself, Web services are also increasingly enabled by the use of the

Extensible Markup Language (XML) as a means of standardizing data formats and exchanging data. XML is the foundation for the Web Services Description Language (WSDL).
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Retrieve Theaters and Movie Showtimes

This web service was built using Visual Studio 2010 and allows you to submit a zip code and a radius and it will return a list of theaters along with all the movies playing for the current date.

When running the link above you will be prompted by the following security prompt. This is NORMAL. This program is NOT harmful and only demonstrates using the WhatsShowing Webservice.

Here is a screenshot of the application when executed. It demonstrates the ability to call the WhatsShowing webservice and return a list of theaters and showtimes.

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