Poll Generator

product Specifications

Poll Generator is an ASP.NET custom control, developed in C#. Developers can place this control on an aspx page to create questions and corresponding answers, in order to elicit responses from website visitors.

This ASP.NET 4.8 developer’s control allows you to easily create on-line polls visually, while tracking the results as users vote. In a matter of minutes, a poll can be created and published on your website.

Development Language & Tools: C#, Visual Studio 2005 or 2019, ASP.Net
Database: SQL Server
Operating Systems Supported: Windows 10 / XP / Vista
Special Requirements: Microsoft .Net Framework 4.8

How does it Work

It is very simple to develop a poll for your website. To utilize this component, all a developer has to do is drag and drop it from the toolbox and place it on an aspx page. Using the component’s smart tag, the developer can choose an existing poll to view or create a new one by defining the question and all the possible answers. Once the poll is created (or chosen from an existing one), the developer decides the storage location of the results.

This version supports storing results to an XML file or to a SQL Server database. If you choose, an existing SQL Server database, the correct tables will be created during the design process. The only thing left to do is to define the visual appearance of the poll and then publish the website. When user vote and answer you poll, they will be able to graphically see the results in the same container as the questions were presented.

Features include

The Ignyte Poll Control supports the following features:

Utilizes Smart Tag technology allowing the developer to configure the poll, it’s storage location and it’s visually appearance visually with no coding.

Stores the results of the poll in either an XML format or SQL Server database.

Easily implement a commercial look with nice visual themes, rounded corners, and drop shadows.

Utilizes AJAX to give the user quick in-line feedback

Results are viewable in the same container as the questions without needing to postback to a different URL.

Supports allowing the user to view past (archived) polls and their results.

If you are looking to add a poll to your ASP.NET website, this component will allow you to easily do that within minutes. In addition, it provides supports Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2019 and SQL Server 2019.

Screen Shots of application:

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