Payment Processing Component

product Specifications

Payment Processing Component is a high performance, real-time credit card processing component for Microsoft .Net development. It handles client-side encryption to enable transaction processing from any ASP.NET site or Winforms application, and it provides a seamless interface that is consistent between payment processors.

This component works with Visual Studio 2019 and above and allows your Windows or ASP.NET application to easily accept credit card payments using Authorize.NET, ECHO, or PayPal.

Development Language & Tools: C#, Visual Studio 2019,
Database: None
Operating Systems Supported: Windows 10 / XP / Vista
Special Requirements: Microsoft .Net Framework 4.8

How does it Work

It is very simple to develop an application that will accept credit cards using one of the supported transaction processors. All that is needed is to set a reference to the single DLL that contains all the logic for both Windows and Web support and drag the component from the toolbox to the WinForm or WebForm that will host the control. Using the component’s smart tag, the developer can choose the corresponding processor that will process the payment and enter all the relevant merchant account information. The developer then only needs to make one method call to process a transaction, which can be seen below:


The component supports not only direct payments but authorizations, voids, refunds, and captures as well, assuming each processor supports them. The advantage of using this control is the speed for which you can set up and process payments, the ability to switch transaction processors without changing any of your code, and the fact that there is one consolidated API to learn for all processors instead of one API for each.

Features include

The Ignyte Payment Processing Control supports the following features:

Utilizes Smart Tag technology allowing the developer to configure the processor and merchant account information without any coding.

Stores the transactions and results in either an XML formatted file or SQL Server database.

Easily accept payments with minimal amount of code

Supports both WinForms and WebForms with a single DLL.

Easily switch between test mode and production mode.

If you are looking to add payment processing to your ASP.NET website or to your windows application, this component will allow you to easily do that within minutes while saving much time and hassle hand-coding to an individual processor’s API. In addition, it provides supports for Visual Studio 2003, Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2008,Visual Studio 2019 and SQL Server.

Screen Shots of application:

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