Lunch Picker

product Specifications

Lunch Picker is designed to save you or your work staff the endless discussions over where to eat lunch. Lunch Picker randomly selects three restaurants that you can use to narrow your choices.

It has a payment option that tells Lunch Picker to only choose restaurants that accept certain payment types, it allows you to select restaurants that are within a certain price range, and it allows you to assign cuisine types and limit the available restaurants based on cuisine types.

Lunch Picker also offers statistics on the past restaurants that have been selected, and allows you to exclude them from the current selection.

You can try a demo version of Lunch Picker for free, but the number of restaurants are limited. If you want to add your own restaurants and use the full functionality of Lunch Picker, you much purchase a registration key.

Development Language & Tools: Visual Basic .Net, Visual Studio 2019
Database: None
Operating Systems Supported: Windows 10 / XP / Vista
Special Requirements: Microsoft .Net Framework 4.8


The cost of Lunch Picker is only $4.00 for the compiled program, or $19.00 for the application with the source code.

Click on the "Purchase" button to purchase Lunch Picker:

Compiled Application - $4.00

Application with Source Code - $19.00

Screen Shots of application:

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