Street Parser

Street Parser

Street Parser is used to parse a street address into separate components, based on the standards published by the US Post Office. Street Parser analyzes whatever street is passed in, and parses the data into the following fields.

The cost of Street Parser is only $4.00 for the compiled component, or $9.00 for the application with the source code.

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Compiled Application and DLL - $4.00
Application with Source Code - $9.00
Development Language & Tools:  VB.Net, Visual Studio 2003
Database:  None
Operating Systems Supported:  Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
Special Requirements:  Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1



Features Include:

  • Use Street Parser as a DLL component within any .Net application
  • Set up Street Parser on a server as a web service
  • Accepts a full address and parses it into the following fields:
    • Street Number
    • Pre-Directional (North, South, East, West, etc.)
    • Street Name
    • Street Type (Lane, Street, Road, etc.)
    • Post-Directional (North, South, East, West, etc.)
    • Secondary Address Unit
    • Secondary Address Unit Designator


Screen Shots of Street Parser:

Street Parser